I was wondering, if this blog were to have a bumper sticker what would it say?  Not that this blog needs a sticker for its nonexistent bumper.  But I need at least one more post today, so how about:

Stop the Sixth Great Extinction!

What?  There are five mass extinctions, already?  Are we supposed to stop the sixth from coming?  Or is it happening now and we have to stop it?  How?
Yes it is a very bad sticker – unclear, polysyllabic, urgent, yet dull.  A slight improvement:

End the Sixth Great Extinction!

But now a light begins to dawn.  Since extinction events and geological epoch boundary layers are associated the sticker can be re-written as:

End the Anthropocene!

Much better, even though it may only end up as graffiti on my barn.


Bumper Stickers

Vegan Today 2

Day 1 – 88.4 kg – 147 mg/dL – 20130713 *
Day 2 – 88.3 kg – 112 mg/dL – 20130714
Day 3 – 87.9 kg – 122 mg/dL – 20130715
Day 4 – 86.6 kg – 120 mg/dL – 20130716
Day 5 – 87.1 kg – 116 mg/dL – 20130717
Day 6 – 86.8 kg – 105 mg/dL – 20130718
Day 7 – 87.0 kg – 122 mg/dL – 20130719

*after small meal

Some FAQs for you:

What is the connection between geology and a vegan diet?

Geology informs my concern about the possibility of a sixth mass extinction due to global warming, while converting to a vegetarian diet is the most effective simple action to stop a growing human carbon footprint.

How vegan are you?

If I were already completely vegan this would be an especially boring series of blog posts.   I am a flexible vegetarian – during the past week I have consumed 1 L of yogurt, 250  ml of milk, 500 g of cheese, 8 homegrown eggs, and 100 g of diced chicken.

Why the numbers?

Those are my numbers for weight and blood sugar.  If they continue to improve perhaps other members of the hyper-adipose societies of North America may join this project for themselves.  

Why is the bridge waiting?

See the next post.