How Green the Spring in January!

Winter aphids 19 January 2014 0956 11C/56F


Did you miss me?

Sorry to be silent for so long.  I have been preoccupied with the Rim fire, disorganized work, and a Coursera  adventure.  My deepest apologies to my three readers.  To make amends, I have installed a new widget for your entertainment.  Unfortunately, the new toy is not fully functional in free WordPress.

You may read about the widget at

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Carbon-free Friday

My Friday will not be carbon-free.  I must go to work and do many other things that increase my carbon footprint.  However:

  • I will not eat meat
  • I will not buy anything
  • I will go to bed when the sun sets.

Perhaps you will join me.  Now I must leave.  It is time to ravage my vegetable brethren.