Vegan Today 1

Day 1 – 88.4 kg – 147 mg/dL

In January, in the mountains, it is cold and rainy, or cold and snowy, or cold and clear. When it is clear the sky is truly clear of the smokes and stench of the dry season, a pale, crystalline blue crosslit by the golden light of the lowered sun. At night the blackest skies present the universe with sufficient force to shatter all primate thoughts.

Except for the rare cloudless sky, January is cold, wet, and dim. Those who labor the union-made eight-hour day travel in darkness beset by ice, downed trees, and washouts. January is a time to be bundled and bunkered. January is not a time to turn over a new leaf.

July is another matter, a month when life is full of force and vitality, not to mention new leaves. So, we are resolved to follow a vegan path, to the extent of our understanding and will. We means the writer and any readers, if they are of a like mind.


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